Detect & Stop Breaches

Know the moment you've been breached — and take action to stop it

Open-Source Security

Furem Cape is an open-source security solution that integrates with any system or application, and alerts you immediately when it detects anomalous behavior by a user or system account. It’s like a conventional User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) system — but better.

Actionable Alerts

Furem Cape doesn’t blindly search for unusual events — it homes in on suspicious behavior, and alerts you only to highly relevant issues for specific users. You won’t be buried under an avalanche of useless alarms — with Furem Cape, you get the right information on time.

Ease of Use

Furem Cape doesn’t take a team of specialists to operate. It’s easy to set up, and comes pre-configured to integrate with a variety of applications right away. It adapts to you, instead of you adapting to it.

Peace of Mind

Have confidence that you’ll know when you’ve been breached. Let Furem Cape stand guard for you, and alert you when it detects a tell-tale sign of an intrusion.